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Project: Crown Towers, Perth

PPLFlow provides a safe and secure contractor management capability for the construction of Crown Towers, Perth.



Thousands of workers will enter and exit the construction site each day over the lifetime of the project. All of these workers perform different tasks and come from different agencies, which can make it difficult for supervisors to track who does what, when, and where in such a large-scale site. Safety is key and H5Controls have helped provide this to the Crown Towers construction project by installing safe and secure facility management technology. We installed six entry locations throughout the $1.3 billion projects sites including In / Out Access Readers for multiple onsite and offsite turnstiles, boom gates, delivery doors, various project office locations and muster points.



The personalised worker access keys communicate with the In / Out Access Readers when workers' tag past access point, and the information is collated and updated in real-time on the interface. Supervisors can monitor this information at any time either by using their Smartphone or on the web. This function provides a structured way for thousands of workers to enter and exit the site.The construction supervisors can now easily view worker activity using the interface on their Smartphone or on the web. They can use the interface to simply monitor how many workers are entering and exiting the site during a day, at what times and what access points, which helps maximise worker safety.