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About Us

H5Controls, the creators of PPLFlow, produce facility management technology. Our company was founded in early 2013 after spending 3 years of R&D into facility management technology. Our R&D team has the ideal mix of experience and innovation, which is how we designs and build the highest quality technology.

We believe 

  • total control of buildings using low cost cloud services is the future of the controls industry. 
  • clients should not be locked into proprietary hardware and exclusive servicing.
  • our clients are our most valuable assets.

Our Team

Liam Bennett, Managing Partner and CFO, has an MBA, extensive experience in productising technology in global automation companies and in launching new technology companies.  

Simon Hutchison, Managing Partner and CTO, has experience in developing technologies in global automation companies, launching new technology companies and a background in working on the cutting edge of controls technology.


Yours Sincerely 


Liam Bennett and Simon Hutchison

Managing Partners of H5Controls